Company History

Bringing 40 Years of Expertise

HM International, LLC is a partnership representing the joint interests of the Hojel and Meinig families. The partnership was initiated in 1979 with the objective of acquiring undervalued assets and creating value through strong, decentralized management and long-term investment focus.

The first of the HM International acquisitions was PGI International, an oil field valve and services company that grew from $3 million to over $100 million in sales over 20 years. PGI was acquired by Parker Haniffin in 2012.

In 1983, HM International acquired ElectroCom Automation (ECA) from E-Systems. ECA designed, manufactured, and installed automated letter- and parcel-sorting systems based on optical character recognition technology licensed from Daimler-Benz. ECA grew from $25 million in sales to over $450 million. In 1992, the company was taken public and listed on the NYSE. Today, ECA is owned by Siemens.

HM International acquired Windsor Foods, a provider of ethnic frozen foods to the foodservice and retail markets from Keebler in 1995. The business grew from $60 million to more than $650 million and sold to Ajinomoto in late 2014. HM International retained Quality Sausage Company and continues to operate this business.

As operating partners of the businesses listed on the Company Portfolio web page, HM International is the management arm for the partnership. The businesses generate more than $300 million in sales and employ 1,200 people in Texas, Colorado, and Mexico.