Quality Sausage Company

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.40.32 PMQuality Sausage Company (QSC) was founded in 1976 in Dallas, Texas. QSC recognized the nation’s fast-growing demand for consumer pre-cooked food products and a rapidly expanding restaurant chain industry – both of which combined to create an emerging market for custom/proprietary pre-cooked meats and pepperoni. In 1990, the company shifted its focus to exclusively providing custom products. Today, as a steadfast supplier to many well-known national and international companies, QSC is proud to be a leader in proprietary formulation meat products.

Whether QSC’s customers needed stand-alone items or meat ingredients for their products, the message was clear: they required consistent quality, superior flavor, and appetite-appealing appearance to stand out in the marketplace. Equally important, they needed a supplier they could depend on.

The relationship QSC has with its customers is driven by its ability to provide timely, consistent, customized products and World Class customer service. QSC’s customer base consists of three segments: distributors, manufacturers, and national accounts.

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